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    How To build A Warrior Partisan.



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    How To build A Warrior Partisan.

    Post  elie93 on Tue Sep 06, 2011 8:31 pm

    Hello, its Elie again Smile , in this guide i would tell u something about the warrior partisan.

    Partisans, same as arahan but the difference that they got hight defense and low dmg but your mission is to get a hight damage.the question is "how?" ok.. Its easy:

    /1st : you start puting on 2 STR 1 CON , when u get full STR, start doing 2 CON 1 DEX, Con full so Fill up your DEX.

    /2nd:About the Skills: 1-Might
    Btw this is an information that i worked hard to know it and i tested it, The Slash is the 1st powerfull skill that makes a dmg , just depends how many against and Demi u got even with all these you need a hight STR.

    Hope you liked this guide any suggestions...?

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