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    Keanita and spol.


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    Keanita and spol.

    Post  Storm on Sat Aug 27, 2011 7:22 pm

    Dear team of this game especially Mr.Oscuro. I understand that you have friends in this game, i can also understand that you will try hold players as much as you can. But also there are players who dont deserve play this server. Even they spend rl money but am sorry noone is here for to get insulted and ksed on sight by this ''idiot''. We know shes malled we know she can get everything she needs from mall. BUt only thing she can't buy there is brain and some ''balls''. Thats why i never agreed with custom bonuses on items you aproved it it means you ruining your own server. You set up rules on NO KS AND NO PK IN PVM MAP so why you LET THIS MORONIC GIRL ( which i believe is anyways guy behind screen cus she can't bahave even like a girl ). If you wanna continue this way np. She insulted one of ur GM's told him to fk off he banned her which he had right on and what happened ? next day you unban her. REASON ????

    I believe that most of players who ever met her in game will agree with me. You should start do something about reputation of your server. ( you becoming like mighty UK with all that corrupted staff in there )

    Oh another thing. Mr. Masacr0 is able to hit u with over 30 / 40 k dmg i wonder how it is possible. last time i was -25 k in - and i got full ressistance against warrior. AS i said do not make custom items you going to ruin game. If you opened this server in taht you will earn money ofc you got right for it. BUt i think ppl open P servers for to give other players time to have fun and not get mad or pissed off about players who are only power seekers and can't play in my opinion fair... geez i wish i could have demi on necklece like some do Wink. but am not gonna buy item shop in these conditions. As i said before making ultimate ITEM SHOP WEAPON WHICH AS ONLY ONE GOING TO 125 and then 150 is really stupid i would describe it as being greedy. I think you wouldnt like it yourself if u had this on UK would u ? i guess not. I didn't see on any other server this stupid things official or p server. You creating game unfair but if it is right in ur opinion then i have to deal with it. BUT AT LEAST BAN AND KEEP BANNED IDIOTS LIKE KEANITA WHO BREAK RULES AND NOONE GIVE A FK ABOUT THEM NOR SINGLE GM CUS APARENTLY THEY SEE NO POINT CUS U WILL AGAIN UNBAN HER RIGHT?

    Now i would give you advice. Think about what i have said and as i said its not only my opinion on all this. If it was me i would ask all to not buy itemshop until u sort out ur concept of server cus its becoming ridiculous.

    best regards



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    Re: Keanita and spol.

    Post  BrokenFlame on Sat Aug 27, 2011 8:15 pm

    If they attack you while you are pvming you just need to screenshot it, Keana already got 12 hour ban and Masacro already got a warn.
    And even without Itemshop you can rly hit a lot if you just go dragon runs and get full 6/7.

    Btw, Oscuro is out of the team.

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    Re: Keanita and spol.

    Post  [WA]Jovany on Sat Aug 27, 2011 11:03 pm

    Server will be Straight from now on!

    Whoever , make lots of dmg just tell us , his items will be checked!
    Whoever , Beak the rules Also Report so we can Do some action!

    I am here for you! All we ask is Report!
    In-Game Reports wont do the Trick!

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